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How you can work with LABEEF

Multifamily Building Renovation Program

LABEEF finances Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) to renovate multifamily buildings (MFB) based on its Energy Performance Contract (EPC).

In this Program, LABEEF accepts three Energy Performance Contracts: EPC, EPC+ and EPC++

The most basic version includes only energy saving measures. EPC+ covers energy saving and building conservation measures and most significant aesthetical measures. EPC++ further upgrades energy saving and building conservation measures and can include additional measures such as a new lift.

To participate in the program, the ESCO has to comply with eligibility criteria. Criteria includes rules for experience, necessary balance sheet. To submit the project it has to comply with project eligibility criteria - building series, guaranteed savings. You can download the guidelines on LABEEF section after registering

Materials section will provide necessary materials for preparation of the EPC project. Experts can also become associated partner of SUNShINE. By becoming associated partner an expert can receive standardized EPC and guidelines, and receive the latest information about trainings and other SUNShINE activities.



Form to become associated partner of project SUNShINE. Associated partner will receive the most recent information and could take part in project activities.

Video and Nicholas Stancioff presentation about forfaiting agreement (presentation in Latvian) from seminar "Deep Renovations of Multi-family Buildings...

Video and Agris Kamenders presentation about payments under Energy Performance Contracting (EPC+): ex-post (after renovation) (in Latvian) from seminar "...