Save your home, save the Planet!

The majority of the Easters Europe society lives in Soviet-era residential block apartments and average life span of those buildings has come close to an end. That is why the multifamily building renovation is so necessary. The main goal of comprehensive building renovation is to renew and modernize multifamily buildings, this way reducing energy consumption and ensuring a comfortable environment for every resident of house, thus extending the lifespan of an apartment building.

What is a solution?


In the year 2015, Riga Technical University in cooperation with the experts of finance has founded a project SUNShINE with the aim to mobilize and inform all interested parties about opportunities of comprehensive multi-family building renovation with energy efficiency contractor or EPC+. This is one of the long-term solutions to save multifamily buildings, ensuring warm, safe and visually appealing homes for every resident. Total investments made for deep renovation within project framework - 1 048 635,85 Euro

Accelerate SUNShINE

Project “Accelerate SUNShINE”, founded in the year 2017 is a continuation of project “SUNShINE” to reestablish comprehensive renovation projects of municipal and apartment buildings and to ensure energy efficiency guarantee implementation in the infrastructure and public building development. The Latvian municipalities of Bauska, Tukums, Adazi and Jurmala city are project partners that are responsible for informative and financial support to residents of multi-family buildings. Total investments made for deep renovation within project framework - 2 705 975,92 Euro


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