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Approximately 70% of the Latvian population lives in housing blocks built in the Soviet period until the Year 1992. Average lifespan of these buildings is coming to an end and technical conditions of multifamily buildings are rapidly deteriorating because of the lack of proper maintenance.

In many occasions it happens due to the apartment residents’ lack of awareness about property management and financing opportunities for larger construction works of the apartment building.

Save your home by saving Energy!

During comprehensive renovation in multifamily residential buildings the engineering network elements and exterior construction will be improved, resulting in:

  • Reduced energy consumption of household – less energy will be required to heat your home;
  • Ensured temperature control inside the house – every resident of the apartment will be able to control the temperature in each room separately;
  • Improved living conditions – guaranteed indoor air quality, warm apartment and comfortable conditions in any season;
  • Reduced capital investment – because energy-efficient, qualitatively insulated home does not need investment for emergency repairs and maintenance;
  • Smart decision for your future – comprehensive multifamily building renovation will help to increase the value of an apartment by 20-30%!

Want to renovate your apartment building? Find out more information about Bauska, Jurmala city, Tukums and Adazi municipality support for comprehensive renovation!

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The flat owners want to renovate the multi-family residential building. What are the next steps?

  1. Book a free consultation with us about the possible solutions
  2. Organize a flat owners meeting
  3. Make a decision for your building renovation
  4. Sign the Energy Performance Contract
  5. The comprehensive renovation of multifamily residential building can start
  6. The multi-family residential building is given to exploitation and regular maintenance occurs

Frequently asked questions

The EPC is a contract between a legal entity, the Energy Efficiency Service Provider (ESCO), and the residents of an apartment building, with the aim of renovating the apartment building and guaranteeing certain heat savings. Learn more

An ESCO is a legal entity that provides for the renovation of apartment buildings by signing with the residents an Energy perforamance Contract (EPC). Learn more.

Unless otherwise decided by the apartment owner’s general meeting, the renovation project is implemented and paid for by the Energy Efficiency Service Provider (ESCO) when choosing to enter into an Energy Performance Contract (EPC). The ESCO provides the necessary capital investment, but the investment in the renovation of the apartment building is reimbursed from the saved heat, the financial support received and the payments made by the apartment owners, as defined by the EPC. Learn more.

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