Qualitative renovation of building and support for residents

Multi-family apartment buildings

Every multi-family apartment building is located in the territory of the municipality. Although apartment owners are responsible for their own properties, the municipality plays an important role in the promotion and support of the renovation of apartment buildings.

In the project Accelerate SUNShINE framework, these 4 municipalities support desire and motivation of apartment building residents to renovate their homes. Find out more!

Public buildings

Often, in the building renovation project process, municipalities lack the capacity and the knowledge needed to achieve a qualitative result. When organizing official procurements, usually, the cheapest offer wins, thus affecting quality. We encourage municipalities to renovate buildings qualitatively using Energy Efficiency Contracting of EPC. Until now the EPC is used mainly in the private sector, implementing projects concerning multifamily building renovation or lighting modernization projects.

Taking into account experience of Latvia and other EU Member States, in the project Accelerate SUNShINE framework, the EPC documentation for public building renovation projects in Latvia is developed. Find out more!

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