In Dāviņi the “Tractor days” – an agricultural event is successfully conducted

On  15 and 16 of June, in 2018, the wide range of weekend events in Bauska County was complemented in Bauska County, including the widely visited Tractor days in Dāviņi. Already for the ninth year, the event took place. Around 10,000 visitors were expected to arrive in the two event days. Along with the Tractor days activities, the various environmental organizations, companies, and institutions have offered the workshops, demonstrations and other activities, including the tastings of domestic eco-friendly products.

The visitors had the opportunity to find out interesting information about the renovation of the building and energy efficiency improvements using the EPC.  During the festival, the Bauska County Council Energy Manager and SIA “Vides services” specialists took place in the outdoor tent, providing consultations and informative materials. It is important to note that the apartment owners are those who make a decision to renovate their building. The greatest benefit of the deep renovation of buildings is reduced energy consumption in the building and decreased costs.  Also, the microclimate of the building is improving, the constructions become drier and the level of comfort and the market value increases.