Quality guarantee up to twenty years

An energy service company (ESCO) have an important role in the comprehensive renovation of multifamily buildings

Under Energy Performance Contracting (EPC), ESCO’s provide a wide range of energy efficiency related services. ESCO services cover all stages of the construction project: the energy audit of the house, preparation of technical documentation, analysis, and monitoring of construction project energy efficiency results.

ESCO guarantees a certain level of energy savings in a building, certain indoor and water temperature, qualitative construction work and its regular maintenance throughout the duration of the contract. Therefore, in 15 or 20 years the renovated building will look like new.

ESCO services can be given by any company that has the ability to provide guarantees, necessary knowledge, and experience in providing energy efficiency services. Also, the ESCO service provider can be any property management, heating, and construction service companies. In Latvia, 18 projects of the deep renovation of multifamily buildings have been finished. All projects included energy efficiency guarantees, 16 of renovation projects has been performed by RenEsco Ltd. and two by the municipality “Salaspils siltums” Ltd.

Your enterprise wants to offer ESCO services within the Accelerate SUNShINE project framework. What to do?

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Within the framework projects SUNShINE and Accelerate SUNShINE we help to organize not only the multifamily building but also public building renovation using energy efficiency guarantee.

We have developed several document templates and informative materials that will help existing and potential ESCO’s in energy efficiency service provision and successful implementation of a project.

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